10 Tips to Make Fantastic Videos to Market YOUR Business

Written by on December 18th, 2008

Small and medium sized businesses can create professional videos!

Making the videos today is not only easy but it’s fun.  Video is expected to continue to explode in the next 5 years and with it will come a change in consumers behavior.  More content, brand and information will be delivered via video than ever before.  You need to start thinking today about developing a video business Internet strategy.

There are a number of different videos you could create.  Among them:

  • Testimonials of customers
  • Instructions that share about how to use you product
  • Advertising, sales or brand building
  • Educational videos about your quality, how your product is made

To help you get started here are 10 tips on how you can make extraordinary videos for your website:

1)  Make your video believable.

Your video should provide practical reasons what you offer will benefit them. Avoid overstating what you can do. You might say something like, “I’ve helped hundreds of people (whatever you do) and based on that experience, there is a good chance I can be of value to you!”

2)  Keep it short.

The good news is you don’t have to create a Hollywood or even Bollywood script. You only have fifteen to thirty seconds to tell a story in a typical ad. Refine your script so it tells what your customer needs to know.

3)  Tell a story.

Weave a story about a customer you helped, or what a product did for someone, and then suggest, “we can do that for you too!” Everyone likes and remembers stories.

4)  Be conversational.

Your customers are looking for you to be truthful and transparent. What you see is what you get. Your message might be, “We put you first.” Whatever it is, avoid sounding like the owners of a car dealership!

5)  Be creative.

Did you see the Super Bowl video for Doritos? Creative consumers worked hard to create an ad that would bring them fame and fortune. The winning ad cost under $15 to create. Get a few friends together and see if you collectively can develop an ad that will be fun to make and fun to watch and make a long-lasting impression on your prospective customers and customers.

6)  Make it fun.

Homemade video ads need to be engaging and a fun experience for your viewers. Tell a joke, poke fun at yourself, and find a way to get them to laugh. Think about the videos that your friends send to you. Many of the most successful viral videos were built around being humorous.

7)  Look low budget.

YouTube has set the benchmarks for customer expectations and the good news – it’s low! As long as the presenter knows his/her lines and the ad makes sense you are in the ball park of matching consumer’s expectations.

8)  Give me something I can take away.

Consider giving the consumer something they can take away after viewing your video. It might be interesting historical information about your product or a glimpse into the future.

9)  Let them talk back and rate you.

We are entering an era where marketing will focus more on developing a conversation with your customers and prospective customers instead of pushing information at them. If you are moving toward video advertising, you will need to keep that in mind. Your video advertising is going to need to develop a conversational tone that invites the viewer to engage in the conversation.

10)  Include a call to action.

Ah, the most important step. Do you want them to click for more information? Do you want them to buy right now or to give you a call? Make sure you provide a clear call to action. Tie your call to action into their need. Also, think about what it will take to make your video viral. Consider reminding the recipient to forward it to a friend or colleague.

Once you create your videos you should consider putting them in as many places around the web as you can. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Put them on Web sites with users that match your profile
  • Create separate landing pages for each one so search engines can categorize them
  • Upload them to your blog
  • Place on third-party Web sites like YouTube
  • Encourage customers to put the videos on their sites

Time is running out.  Grab your home video camera or go invest in a new high definition camera and start filming your first video right now.  Start with simple projects like testimonial or interviews with your customer service team on how to use your product.

Not only will you have fun doing this, you’ll better serve customers and increase revenue to!

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