Deming, TQM, Six Sigma, Re-engineering & NET-Centered!

Written by on February 20th, 2009

You need to create a comprehensive Internet strategy for your organization

Throughout the decades companies have adopted new business analysis techniques and ideas in order to remain competitive, maintain market share and increase profits.

Japanese businesses adopted Quality Circles suggested by W. Edwards Deming back in the 50’s which lead to the development of the Total Quality Management, TQM movement in businesses in the 80’s.

In the 90’s Michael Hammer and James Champey suggested in their book, Reengineering the Corporation that organizations should adopt cross functional groups to solve and implement business solutions.

And later that decade businesses began to adopt the five standards proposed by the International Organization for Standardization in order to become IS0 9000 certified.  Then near the end of the 90’s the Six Sigma Business strategy, introduced by Motorola offered businesses a way to identify and remove the causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and business processes.

Today we are suggesting that businesses must audit their Internet business processes and align them with their business plans and changing consumer behavior in a global market place.

In order to compete in a global interconnected world your organization will need to reorganize your business around the Internet.  Your purchasing, marketing, HR, accounting, customer service, sales/marketing and PR departments and product development will need to build their business plans and processes around an increasingly net centered world.

The Internet is bringing rapid changes.  Businesses that put off adopting a more net centered business approach will find it extremely difficult to catch up to competitors that do.

But how?

Create a task force that audits each departments Internet strategies and then conduct a gap analysis to see what your competitors and others in the industry are doing.   Adopt the most relevent strategies to your mission and then integrate each departments strategies.  Need help?  Join the conversation and share your thoughts.