Will Social Media Change the Mating Ritual?

Written by on December 19th, 2010

Find your mate on Social Media Behavior Dating Site

I was reading an article by Jenna Wrortham today titled, “So Much for reinventing Ourselves Online”. The author was sharing an experience she had after writing an article on dating sites. Newly single she posted an anonymous profile and almost immediately a note entered her mailbox.

My digital admirer said he’d recognized me from a different site, Foursquare, the mobile social network that lets users broadcast their whereabouts to friends. It awards virtual mayorships to the most frequent patrons of bars and restaurants; I’d claimed the crown at a sushi restaurant. When my admirer checked into the joint with Foursquare, a notification declaring my status as mayor popped up, along with my photo and name.

She immediately recognized that with all of the data that we share with others, it’s impossible to be anonymous online!

So it got me thinking about how people will select mates in the future.

Everyone dating is a liar!

Dating sites are liars’ outposts.

A profile of someone on a dating site is a compilation of personalities and attitudes the persons WANTS to project to prospective dates, right?

They rarely represent the actual person. Everyone lies about their weight, height, degree, income, looks and personality. Nearly all profiles are filled with white lies, stretches of the truth and out right fabrications. So how can you vet people to find out who they really are before you get your heart broken?

So what if there was a program that analyzed what people did?

Let’s think out of the box for a minute and reinvent the dating process. Let’s create a new site, for the purpose of this discussion we’ll call it behaviormatch.com

The goal of this new site is to use Social Media, Facebook applications and other online data sites that share data to build a tool that can identify a person’s behavior and then match it with personality traits that others are looking for.

Let’s say you are looking for an ambitious, funny person who loves travel, is kind, loves their family and is considerate. A typical dating site would include check off boxes that a person would click on the relevant matches. However at this dating site, the software is going to go out and analyze the behavior of people who match the criteria and bring back people based on “what they do”, not “what they say!”

To find the right match, behaviormatch.com asks you to identify the attributes you want.

So you enter the age, sex, location and few other things (if you wanted to you could share hobbies, movies, books, interests etc.). Now you hit SEARCH, and viola, you are immediately presented with a series of people who match your criteria. The software instantly went out and analyzed a database of behaviors and profile information to find your match.

Your results

Now, neatly outlined on your screen is the first name of the person and substantiating data, comments and communication.

When you look at Juan, (the most likely match) you see comments he made on his Linkedin page that announced his promotion. You also read the testimonials others shared about him. You can see that he has added 5 apps categorized as funny and that an application where friends describe friends personalities, identified Juan as, “off the chart funny”. As you scroll down the page, you are presented with 6 Facebook comments where Juan gushes about his grandmother, his mother and his kid sister. Finally you see a list of data points that show he matches the criteria. Now Juan is sounding good, right!

So now that you‘ve identified 3 additional candidates, you elect to pay for the Social Media Behavior Analysis Dating service. Here’s where this gets fun. The software will now build a profile; much like HootSuite does of all your Social Media sites, and delivers to your desktop everything relevant the targeted candidates are posting. You see Facebook posts, Twitter posts, comments they make in Linkedin, and everything they have liked or recommended using Facebook Pluggins. The software, all the while is analyzing the behavior and data and continues to provide you an update of which candidate is matching your profile request.

After watching the candidates you select two to friend and build a relationship with. So you reach out to them to get to know them. You comment on their comments, photos and attend the same events they are attending. You join the same groups they are joining.

As you watch them over the next 4 months you vet out the data sets provided and look for anomalies and ethical missteps and issues that arise that might send you packing before you got committed and had your little heartbroken! Knowing that you are probably going to make emotional decisions, the software will point out specific behavior issues and FORCE you to acknowledge that you are aware the candidate is showing lapse in the selection criteria.

And that’s it. The future of finding a mate.

This new technique takes the bravado out of the personal profile and enables you to find the right mate based on their behavior.  It might sound creepy, but think about how you are using Social Media already to step into others lives.  

Anyone want to develop this with me!

Crowd Sourcing! Get Customers to Run Your Biz

Written by on December 10th, 2010

Starbucks is doing it, Dell is doing it, Cisco is doing it and now you can do it too!

I normally don’t review products and services but ran across IdeaScale today and had to share it with you.  IdeaScale provides any business, organization the ability to use crowd sourcing to collect the ideas thoughts and suggestions of others to improve your products, events, services and more.

Starbucks was in my opinion late to crowd sourcing game, but did a great job at implementing it and using customer feedback to increase buzz, brand exposure and customer loyalty.  Their mystarbucksidea.com collects the suggestions and thoughts of their customers in three areas; 1) Product Ideas, 2) Experience Ideas, 3) Involvement Ideas.   Within each category there are sub categories.  For example Involvement includes, Building Community, Social Responsibility, Other Involvement Ideas and Outside USA.

Collectively there are nearly 100,000 ideas that have been submitted and voted on.  An idea that gets the most votes, rises to the top and becomes an idea that Starbucks staff begins to explore.   I participated when I could no longer get “Maple Nut Oat Scones” from Starbucks anywhere in Ohio.  These scones had an incredible thick layer of icing on them and were perfect with coffee. (Even though my kids thought they tasted like dog biscuits!)

So, let’s get back to the point.  IdeaScale will enable any company or organization to create a similar environment for FREE.  That’s right free.  I can guarantee you Starbucks is paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for their software platform and IdeaScale will do the same thing for your organization.

Not sure what to do?  Consider this:

  • Hospitals could use IdeaScale to build communities of learning around diseases and health issues
  • Associations could use it learn what issues members are facing and then reassign resources to helping them
  • B to C companies could use the Starbucks model and use it to improve customer service, get customers involved in product development
  • B to B companies could use a password protected version to use as a company suggestion box
  • Religious organization could use it to increase discussion around the previous weeks sermon and challenge members to live the message in their daily lives

We created a version of this for our company in 1995 to increase the sharing of ideas within a tech company I founded.  I firmly believe the successful leaders and companies of the future will be using crowd sourcing tools like this to run their companies.

In a recent IBM study, Capitalizing on Complexity:

  • 8 out of 10 CEO’s expect their environment to get more complex
  • 49% believe their organizations are not ready to deal with this new complex world
  • 95% of top performing companies identified that getting closer to customers was their most important strategy
  • This group of CEO’s expect 20% of revenue in the next 5 years to come from new product/service lines

The same IBM study found that majority of CEOs did not believe their staff had the answers to the enormous challenges their companies face.  Crowd sourcing could provide that solution.  In my opinion, crowd sourcing will help organizations handle the enormous challenges businesses face.  So check it www.ideascale.com   Interested in learning more about Crowd Sourcing join our complimentary Webinar.  Click here for the quick GotoMeeting registration!