A Tire Company Online Community?

Written by on August 24th, 2008

If a tire company benefits from having an online community, so would YOU!

I was talking to a friend the other day about his desire to create an online community.  He was hot on social media and wanted to get in on the game.   He was struggling with what kind of online community he should create.   He owns a game company and has an enormous amount of content that he gets from the gaming companies about upcoming releases.  I suggested that he offer a members only online community where he offers the inside information he is getting.  Now he’s trying to decide if he should charge or make it free!

Our discussion got me thinking about the many clients I’ve spoken with who had similar thoughts.

  • Who would want to come to an online community for a cleaning company?
  • Who would want to come to an online community for a manufacturing company?
  • Who would want to come to an online community for a service company?

So what do I tell them?

My suggestion is to think out of the box.  Think about what your organization can do to make the world, your community or neighborhood a better place.   What are the burning issues that people who use your product are facing?   What can you do to give your clients and others a voice in solving those issues?

The number one mistake organizations make when they create online communities is they build them around “What’s in it for them” NOT ——-What’s in it for the intended user!

So imagine you are the consultant to a tire company.  What kind of online community would you suggest they adopt?   A community of people who are fanatical about cars, love rubber, or want to know more about where rubber comes from?

The Yokohama tire company took a different tack.

They decided to create an online community that focused on bringing together people who want to make a difference in our world.  Here’s what they tell their users….

Welcome to the Yokohama-EcoTreadsetters community — a forum for discussing all  things environmental.  Please take a look around.  Our site includes global “green”  news, exclusive interviews and performances by musicians, blogs, forums, eco tips for your car, community and life and even calculators to measure your personal carbon footprint.

The company is using the online community as a way to highlight their Grand Design 100 plan which highlights their commitment to reduce the environmental impact made by their products.  It’s a fantastic way for the company to show the company cares, but builds friends at the same time.

Their www.ecotreadsetters.com site offers:

  • Eco Tips
  • Green tips for your car, community, recycling
  • Green offsets for your carbon prints
  • Tips on tire pressure, alignment, rotation and tread

Members can create profile pages, join discussions, post photographs and pick up news and information related to “thinking green”.

I’m certain they are not expecting to become the next MySpace, but they are showing forethought in using online community tools to give a voice to their users.

Could they be doing more?

  1. Sure, they should back a site like this by giving teachers “green” curriculum
  2. They should encourage more volunteer opportunities within local communities
  3. They should be highlighting members who are making a difference
  4. They should be using a LOT more video to engage youth
  5. They should be giving away green Ring tones!

Yah, there’s a lot more they could be doing, but they took the first step.  What about you?  You and your organization spend more money on designing, printing and mailing a brochure.   In today’s net centered world, you should be diverting those funds in social media projects like this.

That’s my opinion give me yours!

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