This book will help you and others within your organization gain a better understanding of the enormous risks your company faces by NOT developing a business Internet strategy. Leaders of organizations as small as a pizza shop and as large as Fortune 500 companies will gain a better understanding on how to create business Internet strategies that will:

  • Increase revenue and profits
  • Generate leads and close them faster
  • Improve customer service
  • Use customers to develop and improve products
  • Build your brand with less cost and effort
  • Increase buzz and word of mouth marketing
  • Cut costs

And much more.

You will take away:

  • 30 plus case studies and best practices you can implement
  • 10 social media tools that will increase leads & profits
  • The risk you face by having your competitor figure this out – FIRST!
  • Simple definitions of new marketing techniques
  • Dozens of exercises that will help you build your strategy

Not only will you be able to share with others in your firm the 10 benefits you will receive by adopting an Internet strategy, but you will learn 10 elements that are important to include in your Internet strategy.

Save your organization time and money download this eBook today!

Facebook/MySpace and other emerging online communities are beginning to teach advertising executives, public relations and marketing professionals about the value of reaching consumers where they are at- in online communities.

Powerful new marketing opportunities are being created to help brands and companies engage their customers.

If you are wondering where all of this started, (and it wasn’t with Facebook & MySpace) download this free white paper right now.

If building an Online Community is something you want to explore, you need to make sure you are including basic elements that successful online communities have.

Don Philabaum outlines in this white paper how you need to design elements and activities to build Local “ness”, Unique “ness”, Connected “ness” and Keep “ness”.To learn more download this whitepaper now.

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