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Internet Dough

This blog continues the dialogue Don Philabaum started in his book Internet Dough.

The book suggests that the behavior of your customers have gone online and businesses of all sizes have to develop Internet strategies to reach them where they are at – online. His book suggests that a company as small as a pizza shop will benefit from adopting social media marketing. The book is loaded with examples any business owner could copy and implement in their business

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 17+ Case Studies show how to acquire, retain & engage customers
  • 30 exercises to help you define your business or department Internet strategy
  • Social Media Marketing & Web 2.0 defined in practical terms
  • Dozens of examples covering Business, Non Profit, Education, Entertainment, Government Health, Art and Religion

This book will show practical ways you can use social/business networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and others to communicate with customers, build your brand and amplify word-of-mouth to increase sales and profits.

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About Don Philabaum

Don Philabaum was one of the early pioneers in developing online communities. In fact, in 1996 he registered the URL onlinecommunity.com because he recognized the potential power of online community for groups and organizations.

Since that time, he has helped organizations around the world use the Internet to reduce costs, increase customer engagement and increase revenue streams. A firm he founded in 1995, created password protected online communities for organizations like London School of Economics, University of Toronto, Exxon Mobile Company, the Former FBI Alumni Association, the Associate Financial Company and over 300 others.

  • His Webinars have been attended by over 2,000 professionals interested in learning how to use social media & online community to engage the Facebook/MySpace generation.
  • Don frequently reminds business owners and managers that their customers shopping and buying behaviors have been forever changed. In order to remain relevant and ensure the survival of their product line or even company NEED to adopt an Internet strategy in order to SURVIVE.
  • Self employed since he graduated from Kent State University, Don has founded three firms, sold two of them and is credited for introducing dozens of new Internet products and services.
  • A featured speaker around the world Don’s passion is showing business leaders how to build a comprehensive internet strategy to increase revenue and profits, while cutting costs.

Don is currently the President & CEO of Internet Strategies Group, a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations adopt Internet strategies in every department of their business. www.internetstrategiesgroup.com

Don’s Contact Information:

Skype: DPhilabaum
AOL IM: DukeofTelluride
Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/donphilabaum
Phone: 800-805-9413
Email: don (AT) internetstrategiesgroup.com

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