Can you trust social media, PR machines and Lobbyists?

Written by on October 7th, 2009

Who do you believe?

What’s social media, excessive content and entertainment news doing to us?

Martians Invade EarthWhat is the proliferation of news and information doing to us?  What is all this content coming from all different sources, that has been repackaged, regurgitated and driven through wires, microwaves, satellites doing to us?

A new survey by the Pew Research Center show that trust in the news media has reach a new low, with record numbers of American saying it is inaccurate.   This year’s poll suggest 63 percent of the respondents said news articles were often inaccurate. Seventy four percent said news organizations favor one side or another in reporting political news.   News (entertainment) programs are starting to align with party lines.   If you are Republican, your news fix probably comes from Fox.

There’s something happening today that is making a growing majority of us skeptics and not sure what to believe.  The public is starting to lean toward the feelings John Lennon shared in his song “God”.  In it he says:

I don’t believe in magic,
I don’t believe in I-ching,
I don’t believe in bible,
I don’t believe in tarot,
I don’t believe in Hitler,
I don’t believe in Jesus,
I don’t believe in Kennedy,
I don’t believe in Buddha,
I don’t believe in mantra,
I don’t believe in Gita,
I don’t believe in yoga,
I don’t believe in kings,
I don’t believe in Elvis,
I don’t believe in Zimmerman,
I don’t believe in Beatles,
I just believe in me,

While John was working out a painful breakup of the Beatles and trying to move on with his life, my interpretation of the polls are this;  there is so much information available through so many different channels that ALL pose as credible news sources, that it’s hard for anyone to know what to believe.

We’ve seen in the past few elections where the PR machine  and supporters of one party focused the media and public’s attention on whether John Kerry should have been considered a war hero.  (Completely pushing aside the issue that his opponent had barely served in the National Guard – which many suggested was to avoid going to Vietnam).

We see it today when the PR machine and those that do not support Barak Obama whip up news stories and negative media attention that question the President of the United States intention in talking to kids about staying in school or keep everyone talking about what they need to by stirring up images of “Death Panels”

Maybe we’ve become a society that is too focused on content, news and information.  Maybe our PR professionals and lobbyist are too effective in taking our eyes off the real issues.

Maybe, just maybe there is a rush to create content in the pursuit of revenue and political dominance that is so great that we are getting overloaded and perplexed.   And when that happens, who will we believe?  Who will we trust?

Are we polluting our minds by having access to so much information?   Will we look back in 30 years and compare this proliferation of content to have a similar harmful effect that smoking had on our lungs and junk food to our bodies.  Is too much of one thing, too much?

Will all this proliferation cause each of us to shut down to the point that John Lennon did? Will we only believe ourselves?

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