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Written by on September 14th, 2008

People buy from People!

Willis Wolf my friend and mentor told me that over and over.  My predilection was to use technology and automation in my sales and marketing process.  Willis’s repeatedly reminded me that people don’t have time to evaluate the ever increasing complicated products and services available today.

To a larger degree, people are referring to their trusted networks of business and social groups to cut through the myriad of advertisements, PR and marketing they receive on a daily basis.

That’s why I’ve been a huge fan of video testimonials over the past 4 years.  In both my books, Alumni Online Engagement and Internet Dough, I suggest groups and organizations should make a strategic decision to focus on using customer testimonials and endorsements.

Today it’s far easier to do.  You don’t have to create a $50,000 budget to create a video testimonial program.  Rather think about using readily available social media tools to accomplish it.  For example, a simple email to your customers could solicit a video testimonial using their cell phone, web cam, video capable still camera or video camera.  We’ve even suggested that our clients consider buying a $130 Flip it camera and send it to customers who don’t have the skill sets or interest in using the first tools mentioned.

Chief Marketing Officers Club

A good example of an organization who is beginning to use video testimonials is none other than the Chief Marketing Officers Club founded by Pete Krainik.  (It’s good to see them setting an example for the rest of us!)   

At a recent event, they shot a number of short video testimonials from members and offer them on the website as a technique to convert the casual viewer.  They positioned the videos prominently on the first page of their website making it stand out to the prospective member landing on the page.  You can check it out at

Choose your endorser wisely

While it’s great to have any endorsement, endorsements from well known industry sources or individuals from respected institutions will build your brand and make a stronger impact.  In building a video testimonial strategy, take some time to identify the people who will deliver the bang for your buck.

The right person endorsing your product is worth their weight in gold.  Celebrities are paid a great deal of money to do a short endorsement because when done right, they have the same muscle to lift sales as an incoming hurricane storm surge lifts barges.  Take the recent campaign created by Giorgio Armani where they signed David Beckham to display their briefs and nothing else!  It’s been reported that worldwide sales reportedly jumped 30% when his adoring fans took notice of a product he brought attention to!  People buy from people!  People listen to people they trust and respect.

Organize testimonials in categories

While I would encourage you to put up any video testimonial/endorsements to get started, I’d like you to take a long term strategic look at developing a series of customer videos that focus on:

  1. Selection process
  2. Customer service
  3. Price
  4. Dependability
  5. Uniqueness
  6. People
  7. Ease
  8. Partnership
  9. Solutions
  10. Saves Cost

Your goal would be to find individuals to endorse you in each of this areas.  Then, proximately on your web, consider placing a banner that says something to the effect, “Don’t take our word, Listen to our CUSTOMERS” and give the prospective customer the ability to click on any of the seven areas listed above.  Each prospective customer is coming from a position of either being not happy with a current provider or are looking for an assurance that you are the right provider.  Offering them the opportunity to self select into the area that most interests them not only will show you what people are most concerned about but it lets them get right to what they need to make their decision.  Make sure you include the persons name, title and company they work for.

Your video testimonial strategy is ongoing.

Your video testimonial strategy is not something you finish.  You need to continue to add new people on a monthly basis and expand the scope and direction.  Once you have your videos you should have a strategy to use the content in multiple places.  For example, we suggest clients:

  • Include the comments and link to the video in their blog
  • That they put the video on Youtube and other video sharing sites
  • Create articles around the endorsement and post them on ezines to drive consumers back to the company endorsement page
  • Encourage their sales force to send links to the endorsements to help close sales

Don’t forget to build in a recognition/thank you program to reward the person who takes the time to endorse you.  Depending on the type of endorsement and the value to your organization, consider offering recognition, future discounts or repeated thank yous!

Take it to the next level!

If you haven’t watched Mad TV lately, you’ll fall in love with comedian Keegan-Michael Key series of interviews where introduces taking things “To a whole NUTHA, level”. If you move in this direction, you need to follow his advice and take your video testimonials to a whole “nutha” level!

Could The CMO Club improve on what they started?  Absolutely!

By implementing some of the changes we suggested, they will gain a higher ROI from their efforts, increase membership and revenue.  If you are interested in seeing another organization who is moving in the right direction check out Convio. Convio has done a great job at building a comprehensive video testimonial program implementing the ideas we’ve discussed today!

So what about your organization?   Share what you are doing and your ideas on how we can collectively help others improve their video testimonial strategies.

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