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Written by on August 19th, 2008

The Internet is changing everything!

Businesses are having to learn on the fly how to play and do business in a world where the behavior of consumers are changing literally overnight. While many organizations saw the changes coming, most are still unaware that the Internet will fundamentally change the way they do business.

The statistics are easy to find everywhere. In just 4 years, social networking sites have exploded. Sites like YouTube grew to over 100 million users, MySpace to 180 million users, Facebook to 90 million users and even Linkedin (a business networking site) is growing by 1 million users a month!

When you compare that to the fact that the New York Times which was founded in 1851 has only 1,000,000 subscribers you begin to realize that there has been a fundamental shift in consumers behaviors.

What we are suggesting is that social networking, Web 2.0 and online community tools, techniques and strategies are introducing new ways for businesses to acquire, retain and engage their customers. The only problem is, few businesses know how to effectively use them. Worse companies don’t have the right staff to efficiently move their companies into these new areas.

Those who are recognizing the Internet is going to make a profound effect on their business are looking for the right people with the right talents to help them use these tools. The problem is most human resource departments and the departments who are interested in hiring them don’t know what skill sets are needed, what experience is necessary and or what benchmarks to set!

A whole new range of jobs and positions are being created to help organizations increase lead generation, better serve customers, cut costs, increase efficiencies and increase profits.

Our research is showing new positions like:

  1. Online Community Manager
  2. Community Evangelist
  3. Community Forum Manager
  4. Content Architect
  5. Content Manager
  6. Email Production Associate
  7. Interactive Marketing Director
  8. Internet Researcher
  9. Director of Digital Medi
  10. Internet Media Sales
  11. New Media Communication Manager
  12. SEO Director
  13. Web Content manager
  14. VP Director of Digital Strategy
  15. Web Strategist
  16. Director of eMarketing

We’ve had numerous clients ask us if we could help them find a source that would provide a listing of these positions and an outline of what the jobs are responsible. We couldn’t locate anything in the market so we researched to see what others are doing. So we decided to do a little research and see what we could put together.

The end result is a document that provides a listing of new positions and the responsibilities associated with them. If your organization is moving towards the Internet, this document can help give you an understanding of what firms like yours are looking for and what qualifications they are expecting. Drop me an email and I’ll direct you where you can pick up a copy of this report.

As we continue to move in this direction, we are continually looking for examples of others job descriptions. If you have job descriptions of positions focused on your Internet strategies, please share them with us.

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