This whopping 300 page research report offers the most significant collection of case studies and proven applications of Internet strategies available – ANYWHERE!

The report was compiled over the past 12 months from interviews with industry leaders in all disciplines including marketing, product development, customer service, finance, sales, advertising, HR and public relations, each who where introducing innovative Internet strategies in their department.

We also spoke to hundreds of professionals who were struggling with their Internet strategies and incorporated in the report the types of things they were looking for.

You can build YOUR company’s Internet strategy from proven implementations.

You will learn:

•    12 techniques to increase leads, revenue and profits

•    15 easy ways to increase customer retention and engagement

•    10 techniques to use the Internet to cut costs

•    How to measure your Internet investment for the finance guy!

•    5 ways to engage customers in product development

•    Proven viral and buzz marketing technique

Businesses just like yours have achieved great results from similar techniques.

We’ll talk about:

  • A Pasta company with no brand awareness that was able to launch and acquire 100,000 email addresses of customers in just one year.
  • A Car dealership averaging 20 percent of their monthly sales from leads generated from their Web site. Equalling over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue each month.
  • A blender company that has gotten over 10 million views on YouTube
  • A small Ohio Novelty company that went from the verge of shutting down to getting 75% of their business online!
and more

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This is NOT a technical report!

The report was written to help leaders in all departments gain an understanding of the enormous opportunities available to their company and the risks they face if they do not create companywide Internet strategies that are coordinated and integrated among departments.  This report is an excellent easy read for managers who do not have direct responsibility in building Internet strategies, but are interested in gaining an overview and understanding of common buzzwords and concepts.

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand..”  – Eric Schmidt, CEO – Google

You have a choice of attempting to figure your department and company Internet strategy on your own, or you can pick up this well documented research report.  We guarantee it will:

•    Prevent you from wasting time trying things others already have proven don’t work
•    Increase the likelihood of your success by adopting proven techniques
•    Save you time, money and hassles

This e-book is for busy business professionals who not only need a simple explanation of all the latest opportunities the Internet will provide them, but practical case studies that explain how businesses like yours implemented and benefited from their Internet strategy.

We offer 97 different ways you can acquire, engage, and retain customers and even more case studies you can copy and adapt to your needs. It’s proven stuff that will save you time and money and help put you where your customers are – online!

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    You will not only learn how to amplify word-of-mouth and buzz marketing using social media, but you will also learn how to:

  • Increase your client base, sales, and profits using social media.
  • How to develop partnerships with other providers by using mashups, API’s and co-marketing campaigns.
  • Find and encourage Brand Ambassadors to amplify conversation about your products and services.
  • Analyze the effects of your web strategy and determine your return on investment
  • And much more!

That’s 2 great resources to help build your business online for only $34.95

About the author

Don Philabaum was one of the early pioneers in developing online communities. In fact, in 1996 he registered the URL because he recognized the potential power of online community for groups and organizations.

Since that time, he has helped organizations around the world use the Internet to reduce costs, increase customer engagement and increase revenue streams. A firm he founded in 1995, created password protected online communities for organizations like London School of Economics, University of Toronto, Exxon Mobile Company, the Former FBI Alumni Association, the Associate Financial Company and over 300 others.

  • His Webinars have been attended by over 2,000 professionals interested in learning how to use social media & online community to engage the Facebook/MySpace generation.
  • Self employed since he graduated from Kent State University, Don has founded three firms, sold two of them and is credited for introducing dozens of new Internet products and services.
  • A featured speaker around the world Don’s passion is showing business leaders how to build a comprehensive internet strategy to increase revenue and profits, while cutting costs.

Don is currently the President and CEO of Internet Strategies Group, a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations adopt Internet strategies in every department of their business.

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