Your company has had decades to learn how to develop successful business processes and procedures for your customer service, sales/marketing, public relations and advertising and product development departments. The Internet is changing your customers behaviors SO FAST, you only have a couple years to develop successful Internet strategies!

This course will help you develop a company wide Internet strategy that will:

1. Coordinate goals, expectations and strategies
2. Integrates departments Internet strategies
3. Uses common technologies and techniques
4. Provides customers a more cradle to grave experience
5. Better serves customers
6. Increases the ROI you are getting from your Internet investment
7. Provides a new competitive edge

Our experience shows that in the typical company, most departments are not developing written Internet strategies and a few adopting partial Internet strategies. Taking the time to coordinate every departments efforts today will save you time, money and hassles in the future.

The course includes:

Workbook – Create a Companywide Internet Strategy

You have an incredible opportunity to take your business to the next level with by adopting proven Internet strategies. This workbook will help guide you through the process of developing a coordinated, integrate Internet strategy. We’ll help you organize the process of getting everyone on the same page by providing a step by step process You’ll learn tricks, ideas and low cost techniques you can use to use the Internet to compete more profitably. Our methodology will save you time and prevent you from trying things that we already know, won’t work!

CD – Integrate, Coordinate Your Company Internet Strategy

Most organizations have a piecemeal Internet strategy. Every department has had to react so fast, few know what the other departments are doing. Your company has to invest time and talent to outline your strategies, technology needs, goals and analytics. Trying to put your arms around a project like this WILL take more time than you are given. We’ll help you organize and focus on what you need today to create a long lasting, successful Internet strategy for your company. This will ensure your company will remain relevant to your customers and competitive in the marketplace.

Research Report – Engage Customers Online!

This 300 page research report has been called a bible because it has the most prolific, comprehensive collection of tools and strategies available to engage customers online. You can pick and choose from 97 different strategies and over a hundred case studies to include in your Internet strategy! It also includes a resource area with 100 blogs focused on social media and quotes from nearly 100 industry experts.

Monthly On Demand Webinar & Information

Rome wasn’t built in a day! You can’t expect to click your fingers and generate a successful Internet strategy. To be successful, you will need to invest a small amount of time each month. We provide you easy to absorb chunks of information you will need to build your Internet strategy. Each month, you’ll receive a presentation on relevant topics that you can review at any time. We bring experts right to your computer. You’ll receive examples, forms and best practices you can copy and implement in your business. You’ll see case studies, applications and use of data capture, user generated content, increased communication and recognition, social media tools and more!

Book – Internet Dough

This is the book that started it all. This book provides imperial evidence that your customers behavior has changed, the tools to engage them have changed and warns that your business is at risk of losing market share, customers and profits if you don’t develop a business Internet strategy. You need to share this book with your staff to remind them how incredibly important this project is.

Total Course includes
  • Workbook $125
  • CD $95
  • Research Report $360
  • Monthly Presentations $360
  • Internet Dough $ 25


  • Participation in an Internet Circle Webinar — $195
    Sit in on a live Webinar with industry experts sharing tips & ideas
  • Membership in Business Internet Strategies Online Community — $29
    Connect with others like yourself who are developing their company Internet strategies
  • Weekly eNewsletter with 97 successful Internet strategies — $47
    Receive the latest ideas and tips to continue to improve your strategy
Total Value $ 1236.00
Package offer! $895.00
Register by November 30th only – $695

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Who Should Take this Course?

  • Business owners
  • Franchise owners

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