Facebook API for a Pizza Shop?

Written by on November 26th, 2008

4 benefits of adopting a Facebook API for your business!

Over the past 3 years, I’ve had 1500 people attend webinars who were interested in figuring out how to use Pizza Hut FacebookFacebook in their businesses and organizations.  I like to remind people that Facebook is the new Yellow Pages and in fact it’s probably, like MySpace could be considered the largest phone book in the world.

In the spring of 2007 Facebook announced their Facebook Platform, a programming and business strategy that gave any organization the ability to create a program that would enable them to engage and interact with customers, prospects and others.  Colleges have an incredible opportunity to connect and engage with prospective students, students, fans, supporters and alumni but none are taking advantage of it.

But businesses, who understand you have to innovate to make a profit and work to keep customers due to competition, get it!

Pizza Hut is no stranger to utilizing social media tools to engage customers. Their Facebook page now has over 300,000 fans and to attract more, they offered anyone who became a Pizza Hut fan (through the end of the year) would be eligible for the weekly prize of a $50 gift card.

To take their program to the next level, they designed a Facebook API (Application Programming Interface) that gives Facebook users the ability to order pizza right from their profile page.  Now while a college student is poking around and checking out who is HOT or NOT, a Pizza ad, might catch their attention and instead of picking up the phone, they simply order right online, via the Facebook API.

Registration for this baby is a bit time consuming but when you consider it keep you from having to wait for the company to answer a phone call, put you on hold and then ask you delivery information, the investment is worth it.

For the company it’s worth it too!

  • They save 3-5 minutes in labor per order
  • Can use online tools to upsell customers.
  • Gather birthday information so they can offer a discount coupon during their birthday month
  • Use the address information to plot out for their drivers exact routes so they can get the pizza there steaming HOT.

For Pizza Hut it also makes a whole lotta sense, when you consider that 83-85 percent of all college students are registered users on Facebook and that the average time spent PER VISIT is over 15 minutes. Many visit multiple times per day.  B to C companies like Pizza Hut have an incredible opportunity to be where their customers are with virtually no cost at all.  Facebook doesn’t charge you to access their data, your only cost is the cost to create your API.

  • So put your thinking cap on, how could other organizations use Facebook?
  • A clothing store could deliver right to their Facebook profile new offers
  • Your church could show others who are online that you could pray with
  • The local store could let you punch in an order that UPS would deliver the next day

Take advice from Bob Kraut, the VP of Marketing at Pizza Hut,

We are moving fast to put our online customer in charge.  Any way they want to order from us, we’ll be there for them.” Wise words for all of us to heed!

If you want to put your toe in the water and see what it’s like connecting with your customers on Facebook, do what Papa John’s Pizza did.  Beginning on Nov. 17th they are offering a free medium pizza with any online pizza order to anyone who becomes a “fan” of their Facebook page.  Creating a Facebook page for your business takes about 20 minutes.  Here’s quick instructions from Michael Goldberg, Associate Director of Marketing at Datran Media.

How would you use a Facebook Application in your business?

If you haven’t downloaded my free book, Internet Dough, do it now. I named it Internet Dough because I spend a whole chapter showing how a Pizza shop can create their own Internet strategy to make more DOUGH!

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