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Written by on November 12th, 2008

Market your business using social media tools like podcasting

It really wasn’t that long ago when you got all of your news and information through a few selected Anna Farmerychannels.  The majority of the news and information we got came from the broadcast, print or word of mouth channels.

And then the Internet happened and new channels opened up.

As an example, in the past the New York Times and Architectural Digest might have been among the top ten sources for information on architecture.  However, today thanks to the Internet, dozens of knowledgeable enthusiasts who started blogging about architecture created a credible source of news and information for other souls that shared their passion.  And unlike the previous channels of information, bloggers did not have to hire pressmen, cameramen, paper boys or engineers to deliver the news to you.   All the blogger had to do is post their blog and let search engines bring people to it!

Most of us are still trying to catch on to that concept as we’ve lived for decades PUSHING information to people in order to instill an interest and desire in whatever we wanted to sell to them.   But in today’s Internet world all one has to do is – write and let the world find you!

LEARN how podcaster Anna Farmery became as popular as Bloomsberg, Deloitte and The Economist!

Well, it is a bit more complicated than that, as there are some new rules being developed to INCREASE the number of people who find you. (That’s why you need consulting firms like Internet Strategies Group!)

But more to the point, what I wanted to talk about today was how podcasting has opened up opportunities for individuals and businesses to share their expertise and develop new business opportunities.    And, that by simply posting podcasts on the web, the ideas and information they are sharing are being indexed by search engines, and as a result people find them.

That’s the case for Anna Farmery, founder of The Anna developed a passion for business as she listened to her father when they took long walks together.   The advice and ideas he shared with her led her to a career helping businesses develop their brand.  Today, her night job (passion) is bringing new, and in some cases secret ideas to a wider audience, for free, courtesy of a free distribution channel, the Internet.

Anna, with no advertising and no promotion was among the top 10 business blog sites selected for the public to vote on for the Best Business Blog.   Her business podcast site was up against name brands like Bloomberg On the Economy,  Economist and Deloitte Insights.  Anna is proof that podcasting works.

Your organization should be podcasting.

  • Think of it as another way to be found on the Internet.
  • Think of it as another way to share your expertise.
  • Think about it as another way to develop sales material for your sales people to send to prospects.

It doesn’t take much to get started.   All you need is a phone, an Internet connection and someone on your team who loves to interview others.  Who should podcast?

  • Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, and other health professionals could have short 5 minute tips on staying healthy
  • Real-estate agents could offer information about the neighborhood they do business in
  • Manufacturers could do podcasts on how their product is used
  • Churches could offer 5 minute devotions and rebroadcasts of Sunday sermons
  • Pizza shops could share how they make their pizza and information about their secret sauce

The bottom line is, podcasting is just another tool in your marketing chest to be found by people who want you.  In real estate, your success has always been about location, location, location.  On the Internet, it’s all about a secret sauce called social media marketing.   The sauces works, but you have to start using it.

One of the social media marketing tools I use to be found are social media press releases.   A press release for my book Internet Dough was picked up by Anna and resulted in an interview with her.

You can hear the Interview on her site! And that’s the way the Internet works.  Anna builds her brand and she gets found by others.  I do a social media press release that Anna finds and subsequently interviews me and then you find me and through me you find Anna.    As cousin Eddy says to Clark in Christmas Vacation, “It’s a gift that just keeps on giving”.

All you have to do is start a ripple in the Internet and then sit back and enjoy the waves it brings back to you!

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