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Written by on May 30th, 2009

Speed Trap is beat by the “wisdom of the crowds”

Police CarMy wife shared with me an article the other day that appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal that had gotten a great deal of comments.

Apparently a group of 8 motorcycle officers were dispatched from the Columbus State Highway patrol and assigned to conduct a massive ticketing campaign on a stretch of Interstate 77 near where I live in the Bath, Ohio.   While I’m not sure why they were assigned from Columbus, the fact that they were could become a problem for the state in making the tickets stick.

The four day campaign was very successful and resulted with over 800 tickets issued to motorists. (I’m glad I was working on a update to a new Webinar because I didn’t leave my office for nearly a week and if I had, I’m sure I would be one of the 800).

The comments to the article ranged from individuals chastising the state for creating a situation where 800 families in these hard economic times are now going to be forced to pay a $150 to $250 fine.   Other comments from the reporters indicated a near majority of the tickets were issued for going less than 10 miles over the speed limit.

But the real killer was a comment from someone who suggested that all 800 should contest their tickets and go to court.  Their logic suggested that the officer who lives 2 hours from the Akron area would have to come up to the court date and give his/her side of the story.  The person commenting suggested that if they didn’t show up, the person who got the ticket would have their case dismissed.

Wow, that would have cost each of the 800 a couple hundred bucks to find out from their attorney!

So I’m interested in hearing how this one plays out.  I have no idea if the suggestion will work, but if it does, we have another example where the Internet is providing a transparent, open environment that levels the playing field!

What examples have you run into, where the wisdom of the crowd has benefited the masses?

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