Internet TV Right for Your Organization?

Written by on September 6th, 2008

Libraries, Franchise, Retail, Distributors, Police, City Hall, Dentists, Sales, Real estate benefit!

The cable industry revolutionized the delivery of television programs by providing you 500+  channels.  Now the Internet is opening an opportunity for thousands, no millions of TV channels to deliver news and content to consumers computers and cell phones.

This is presenting opportunities for your organization to reach consumers to educate, inform, advertise and gather data. One of the more successful case studies I could share with you revolves around wine!   In my 30’s Jack Daniels gave me the courage to dance on tables. Today, I look forward to a glass of wine at the end of a long day to relax and slow down my brain!  It works.  (ask me later about my Wine diet!)

Probably the most successful way you can use Internet TV is to educate your customers. That’s the direction Gary Vaynerchuck took when he created Wine Library TV.  Like the Internet, wine can be a mysterious and confusing thing.  It has its own language.  Gary’s concept is simple.  He has a webcam pointed at him as he sits behind a table lined with bottles of wine, glasses and a bucket to spit out the wine he’s tasting.

It’s not a sophisticated presentation, but it works.  Gary is by no stretch of the imagination a Brad Pitt or your every day TV personality.  He not only looks like Joe Pesci, but he sounds like him too!  His rapid fire unscripted conversation gets the job done with minimal preparation or time.    He  demystifies  wine and helps consumers feel more comfortable and confident.  His reasoning?

  • The more his audience knows, they more they will buy
  • And when they buy, they will remember they guy who taught them and that they trust!

And it works.

Gary attributes the success of his Internet TV program with giving him rock star status resulting in invitations to radio, TV and blog interview shows. The NET effect of all this exposure has help the family business grow from 5 million to over 50 million dollars a year!

All with minimal advertising!

Besides increasing exposure to your product and gaining more mindshare of your prospective customers and increasing revenue, here are a few additional reasons why you should adopt Internet TV.

  • Your product(s) take more than a few minutes to explain
  • Your sales cycle is long
  • You can’t always get through the gate keeper
  • Clients have more choices which reduces customer loyalty

Who would I recommend adopt an Internet TV program?

  1. College admission offices at colleges could attract prospective students.
  2. Libraries and book stores could offer live broadcast interview with authors.
  3. Franchise companies could share best practices and educational material.
  4. Retail shops could create their own QVC type show to build excitement.
  5. Distributors could use live Internet TV to share secrets, ideas and new products to their distributors, plus provide educational information to their consumers.
  6. Businesses could educate customers about how their product is made.
  7. Hospitals could provide educational programs built around their expertise.
  8. Police departments could offer safety tips and use Internet TV as a youth engagement tool.
  9. City Hall could provide spotlight on departments, staff and a way to make government more transparent.
  10. Sales professionals could Internet TV as a way to deliver more content to speed decisions
  11. Dentists, Doctors, Veterinarians could provide tips and guidance in health care

Nearly every one of these 11 industries have a built in customer base with email addresses and newsletter they could begin promoting their Live TV program to.

Why should you do this?

  • Adding content like this will position you as an expert that customers will begin to trust
  • Customers will share this with their extended networks
  • You’ll get questions and feedback which can lead to sales and revenue

Like anything, take a small step and pull your team together to look at and build a strategy to create your own TV channel to acquire, retain and engage customers.  It’s one strategy among Facebook, online community and social media that can help you reach your goals.

Here are a couple places to grab the technology you need:

  • provides a fully supported Internet TV platform for a fee. If you are looking for more advanced technology that will provide you analytics and additional customer support, this might be the right option for you.
  • is a do it yourself free service and a good way for any company to get started. The only downside is they insert a short ad every 10 minutes or so, so like traditional TV, you’ll have to get ready for a commercial break!
  • Gary uses It too is free and a simple tool to get started with.  Click to see their 6 EASY steps to get started

Do you have any examples to share?

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