Need help in using Internet strategies to increase leads, revenue and profits?

This course takes the mystery and confusion out of developing an Internet strategy for your small business. You get the information you need to adopt proven Internet strategies that will help your business:

1. Generate more leads
2. Retain customers and increase loyalty
3. Sell more to existing customers
4. Decrease the need to reduce prices to drive business
5. Decrease advertising and marketing costs

Plus, increase revenue and profits!

In economic downturns, you have to work smarter, not harder. We’ll show you easy to adopt strategies that will reduce your worry and stress. The course is designed to fit in your busy schedule.

The course includes:

Workbook – RISK Free Small Business Internet Strategies that WORK!

You have incredible opportunities to increase sales and profits using Internet strategies, but, where do you start? This workbook takes you through the first steps YOU need to adopt a scalable, successful Internet strategy for your business. We help you put the puzzle together so you can develop a risk free Internet strategy you can launch in phases. You’ll end up with a low cost plan that will be easy to implement, yet deliver ongoing results for your company. This workbook will help put you ahead of your competition who will make costly mistakes trying to figure out their Internet strategy on their own.

CD – Adopt Proven Strategies to Take Your Small Business Online

To most small business owners, the Internet is like a giant puzzle. With some many pieces, how do you get started. This CD will help you gain a clearer picture of what your business should be doing to remain competitive in the marketplace. Adopting the strategies and proven case studies today will position your company to take advantage of opportunities to expand territories, introduce new products, increase revenue and profits.

Monthly On Demand Webinar & Information

Rome wasn’t built in a day! You can’t expect to click your fingers and generate a successful Internet strategy. To be successful, you will need to invest a small amount of time each month. We provide you easy to absorb chunks of information you will need to build your Internet strategy. Each month, you’ll receive a presentation on relevant topics that you can review at any time. We bring experts right to your computer. You’ll receive examples, forms and best practices you can copy and implement in your business. You’ll see case studies, applications and use of podcast, blogs, article marketing, SEO, SEM, Webinars, Email Marketing, Video and more!

Book – Internet Dough

This is the book that started it all. This book provides imperial evidence that your customers behavior has changed, the tools to engage them have changed and warns that your business is at risk of losing market share, customers and profits if you don’t develop a business Internet strategy. You need to share this book with your staff to remind them how incredibly important this project is.

Total Course includes
  • Workbook $125
  • CD $ 95
  • Monthly on demand presentations and information $ 30 (per month)
  • Internet Dough $ 25


  • Participation in an Internet Circle Webinar — $195
    Sit in on a live Webinar with industry experts sharing tips & ideas
  • Membership in Business Internet Strategies Online Community — $29
    Connect with others like yourself who are developing their company Internet strategies
  • Weekly eNewsletter with 97 successful Internet strategies — $47
    Receive the latest ideas and tips to continue to improve your strategy
Total Value $ 876.00
Package offer! $495.00

Register by July 30th only – $395 – enter this coupon code during checkout: 393752

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Business owners
  • Franchise owners

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