This course will give you the information you need to lead the development and implementation of your customer service department online strategy!

The strategies you learn will help you:

1. Increase customer satisfaction
2. Reduce the cost to serve customers
3. Empower your customers to solve other customers inquires
4. Get faster responses to customers

Plus, advance your career by making you the “go to” person for your department Internet strategy.

The course includes:

WorkbookWorkbook – Create a Customer Service Internet Strategy

The Internet is opening opportunities for you to completely transform your relationship with your customer and how you serve them. This workbook takes the mystery and confusion out of the Internet and will provide you a step by step process to create a comprehensive Internet strategy for your customer service department that works! Our methodology will save you time and prevent your department from trying things that we already know, won’t work!


CDCD  –Build Customer Relationships with Proven Internet Strategies

The CD will help you gain a clearer picture of what you need to consider including in your customer service Internet strategy. You will find it to be an invaluable resource and guide in helping you create a successful customer online engagement strategy. You’ll learn about industry Best Practices you can apply that will save you time, money and earn your peers recognition!


reportResearch Report – Engage Customers Online!

This 300 page research report has been called a bible because it has the most prolific, comprehensive collection of tools and strategies available to engage customers online.

You can pick and choose from 97 different strategies and over a hundred case studies to include in your Internet strategy!

It also includes a resource area with 100 blogs focused on social media and quotes from nearly 100 industry experts.


Internet DoughBook – Internet Dough

This is the book that started it all. This book provides imperial evidence that your customers behavior has changed, the tools to engage them have changed and warns that your business is at risk of losing market share, customers and profits if you don’t develop a business Internet strategy. You need to share this book with your staff to remind them how incredibly important this project is.


Plus YOU will receive:

• Free Participation in a Monthly Internet Circle Webinar Value $195
• Membership in Business Internet Strategies Online Community Value $29
• Weekly eNewsletter with 97 successful Internet strategies Value $47

Total Value $939.95

Register today for $495

Who Should Take this Course?

• Managers of Customer Service Departments
• Business owners
• Vice Presidents
• Anyone who deals with the public
• Franchise owners

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