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Laura Milligan created a list of the more popular social media and social networking sites on her blog for You can access this same list online for quick clicks to the site but to give you a general idea of the additional help and information you have available, peruse through this list and check off the sites that sound interesting to you.

NOTE! This list is not in any order. They are numbered to help you organize your own list.

Most Popular: Social Media

These sought-after sites discuss all aspects of social media, including networking, reference sites, and news.

Social Media: Blogger JD Lasica is a leading expert on social media. Read analyses of new blogs and sites, and discover what’s new in the social media industry.

SMogger Social Media Blog: SMogger addresses the “ethical use of social media for business and regular folks.” Postergirl blogs about everything from collaborative tools and software to social networking to spam to You Tube. Be sure to check out this comprehensive blog.

Leverage Social Media: Social media consultant Rod Amis discusses teen social networking, social media news and trends, and much more.

AIM Social Media Blog: Find out about the latest updates and news coming from the AIM world, as well as articles that analyze AIM’s presence in the social media industry.

The Social Media Marketing Blog: Discover the innovative ways marketing gurus are using social media networks to their advantage.

Social Media Club: Social Media Club is the go-to blog for anyone interested in developing or learning about social media standards, trends, and communities.

Social Media Release: Social Media Release is a smaller, more specialized blog affiliated with Social Media Club. Read about hRelease and other practices and applications.

Viper Chill: This popular blog explores different business, website, and search engine optimization tricks achieved by using social media practices.

Groundswell: This blog follows the progress, release, and themes of Groundswell, a book about the “spontaneous movement of people connecting, using online tools, taking charge of their own experience, and getting what they need- information, support, ideas, products, and bargaining power- from each other.”

Social Media Buzz: Catch up on social media news and updates at Social Media Buzz.

Most Popular: Social Networking

Learn about the newest communities and applications from these blogs that deal specifically with social networking.

Mashable: Mashable is THE resource for social networking news and connections. Browse member profiles check out popular YouTube videos, connect with other social networking sites through The Grid.

The Social Networking Weblog: Get tips and tools for polishing up your blog or podcast, check out other networking blogs in the site’s vault, or enter the kids and teens section for security information, blogging trends, and more.

Venture Blog: Read about general social networking news and trends, including blogging and Internet media, at the Venture Blog. Join the Blogster networking community to set up your own blog, read other bloggers’ daily posts, and catch up on social networking news, trends, and analyses. This blog covers everything you need to know about social networking including connecting to Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, and other reader-powered communities.

Social Networking: This site features a “meta-search database about social networks.” Browse articles to learn how to set up your own accounts at popular sites like Facebook and FriendFinder, or check out the latest news among various networking communities.

Social Networking: Discuss the benefits of online communities and collaboration at Social Networking.

Network Weaving: This blog includes posts about “the creation of robust & vibrant economic and community networks.” Consistent, frequent articles make it a daily must-read.

Alianzo Social Networking Blog: The Alianzo Networks company sponsors this blog, which covers all aspects of the social networking industry. Read about news, upcoming conferences, and online collaboration tools and applications here. Recent articles include “Finally, a True Digg Killer?” and “Keep a Diary of Your Digital Life.” Fun how-to guides and newsworthy items are posted everyday.

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