Social Media Job Descriptions

74 sample job descriptions save you time and help attract the right candidates

Social Media, email marketing, online advertising, Facebook, Twitter, social book marketing, social shopping, ecommerce, authenticity, transparency, online community and about 1000 other new terms identifying Internet tools, services, concepts and strategies have been introduced to businesses in the past 3 years.   To say the least, it’s been hard for companies to keep abreast of these changes!

This new language along with a powerful trend by consumers to shop, entertain, communicate, network and even date online has pushed savvy businesses to create new positions focused on developing Internet strategies.

Social/New Media Job Descriptions

If your organization is creating new positions focused on the Internet, you’ll need to develop NEW job descriptions to identify who you are looking for and what you want them to do!

That’s where we can save you time, money and help get you the right candidate!

We’ve scoured the Internet in search of job descriptions focused on helping organizations develop their Internet strategy and created a 176 page guide available to you right now. This guide provides templates that include responsibilities, expectations, benchmarks and experience required.

Here is the full list of job descriptions included:

Section I, Senior Management Positions

1. Chief Information Officers
2. Chief Technology Officer
3. MIS Directors/IT Directors
4. Marketing Managers
5. Advertising Sales Agents
6. Chief Marketing Officer
7. Web Strategist
8. Director, Internet Marketing & e-Retailing
9. VP, Director of Digital Strategy
10. Information Technology Strategy & Innovation, Assistant
11. Digital Strategy Manager
12. Strategy Director
13. Creative Director
14. Director of Digital Media
15. Director, Global E-Business Systems
16. Media Planning Director

Section II, Sales Positions

1. Online Ad Sales
2. Account Manager, Digital Media Sales
3. Internet Advertising Sales Specialist
4. Interactive Advertising Sales/Outside Sales
5. Business Development – Interactive Sales Exec
6. Account Executive – Online Advertising
7. Strategic Online Sales Specialist
8. Internet Media Sales
9. Online Ad Sales Rep
10. Digital Ad Sales Manager

Section III, Marketing Positions

1. New Media Communications Manager
2. SEO Director, New Media
3. Marketing Communications Strategist
4. Associate Strategy Director
5. Web & Email Designer
6. Traffic Coordinator
7 Online/Digital Media Planning Supervisor
8. Email Production Associate
9. Online Services Assistant Marketing Manager
10. Marketing Designer

Section IV, Support Positions

1.Technical Customer Service Specialist
2. Interactive Media Designer
3.Graphic Designer
4. Online Advertising Editorial Policy Analyst
5. Entry Level Software Engineer
6. Senior User Experience Designer
7. IT Help Desk/Basic
8. Java Developer
9. Search Engine Optimizer

Section V, Research Positions

1. Senior Statistician/Data Mining Analyst
2. Applied Researcher
3. Data Mining Analyst
4. Research Statistician
5. Data Mining Developer
6. Data Mining Lead
7. Internet Researcher
8. Corporate Internet Researcher
9. Internet Researcher
10. Project Coordinator/Internet Research

Section VI, Community Management Positions

1. Community Manager
2. Community Forum Manager
3. Membership Coordinator/Web Metrics Analyst
4. Manager – Online Customer Support & Communities
5. Community Support Manager
6. Online Community Manager
7. Community Moderation Manager
8. Community Manager – Web and Mobile Apps
9. Senior Community Manager
10. Community Strategist
11. Social Network Community Manager
12. Director of Online Strategy
13. Director of User Experience
14. Manager of Social Media Marketing
15. Online Community Manager

Section VII, Content Management

1. Content Architect
2. Online Store Publishing Traffic Manager
3. Digital Media Editor
4. Senior Content Developer/Writer
5. Professional Blogger Job Description
6. Senior Associate Web Content Management
7. Content Manager
8. Digital Channel Editor
9. Freelance Web Producer
10. Interactive Specialist
11. Publisher For Travel & Culture, Film Festival or Music

Section VIII, Webmaster Positions

1. Webmaster
2. Senior Webmaster

Section IX, Web Developer Positions

1. Web Developer
2. Web Software Designer
3. Web Technologist
4. Web Project Manager
5. Front-end Web Developer
6. Senior Web Developer

Section X, Community Volunteers/Evangelists

1. Technical Evangelist
2. Community Evangelist

Use these job descriptions to create powerful, effective job descriptions for your organization. This guide will not only save you time, but help you start the right way and get the right candidates for the job. While you can put a price on saving you time you can’t put a price on getting the right candidate.

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