Blogs are DEAD!

Written by on August 4th, 2010

Too time consuming! Less impact than a Fan Page!

I’m blogged out! This 547 word blog took 37 minutes out of my life!

I started blogging in 2004 with a blog called WiredCommunities. My focus was on organizations who were doing ground breaking and/or unique things in building online communities. Each article required time to research, write, edit, contact the organization for quotes, publishing and finally handling the spam that tried to get on the blog. It was a huge undertaking. After writing nearly 200 articles, I just pooped out!

So I wrote a book!

And then realized I should promote my book with a blog. So the blog you are reading now is designed to continue the discussion I started in my book Internet Dough! But I’m stressing again. Once again each article is requiring me to take time to research, write, edit and publish. While I love to write, there are times I feel a slave to the blog. It’s another thing that gets added on my “Things to Do” list. It nags me on weekends! And why? Well, if I do enough articles and get picked up by other blogs and share it frequently with my customers and fans, then I build my social credibility!

But is it worth it?

For some yes! But like anything else, only a few bloggers/organizations will have the stamina and consistency to be able to reach a sizable audience. Based on the over 100 million blogs just in the United States, I would wager that 99.5 bloggers start off with good intentions and lose interest. Life and their current job and family responsibilities get in the way and they slowly lose interest.

So, to me blogging is Dead. It’s over rated and it’s too difficult to scale.

So what do you do?

I’m leaning to our corporate Facebook Fan page as a faster way to educate, share and develop a conversation with people interested in what we are interested in.

Think about it.

Our attention spans are short. We consistently wrote 400-600 word blog articles which for the typical reader requires 4-5 minutes to read. But do readers really have the time to read them? If they are like me, they have a fire hose of news, content and information streaming into their mail boxes daily.

Instead of fretting about writing an article, we check our Google News Reader/Alerts for interesting content. We then write a 100 character summary and attach a link to the article and publish it on our Fan page. It gives us the same effect. But with an extra twist.

Now we can offer our opinions and use third party sources to validate them. To us, our Facebook Fan page is also our eNewsletter. Once a month, we dump in the summaries of the last 3 status updates in our News Feed and fire off our Newsletter. It’s fast, easy and repurposes content and information we have already produced.

So for us, our blog has been demoted!  It’s not a primary communication channel.  Maybe considering it dead is a little over stated, eh?

We’ll still blog, but not fret about it.  We’ll do an article every other week or once a month. In the meantime, our focus will be on building our readership on our Fan Page and using Facebook Insights to better understand what our Fans want to know.

What about you?

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Wisdom of the Crowds on the Street – Picks Stocks!

Written by on September 27th, 2009

Find out what others are saying about your company or product!

Daily I see more products and services that automatically search the web for people talking about products, services, issues and then aggregates this information and delivers it back to me in a variety of methods to help me make decisions.

So what do you do with that information?

Well in the case of the stock market, you can take mentions of companies, analyze the mentions as positive or negative and then graphically display for others to interpret and use to make a better decision.

Interesting way this blog started.

I wrote a blog article about the “wisdom of the crowds” and the next day a tweet showed up in my Twitter account:

@Philabaum Check out for another example of wisdom of crowds.

Wow, pretty smart!  Did the system automatically find me and post that information, or is someone sitting at a computer somewhere in the world being delivered mentions of words, concepts and ideas who then puts a human spin to them and who then sends the message off?

In my case this really worked.

Not only was I intrigued, I followed the link to the product piqqem and signed up!

Think about how you could use Twitter to watch for mentions of terms and keywords that might identify who you are, what your customers like, attitudes and or locations.    You too could have a business process that would deliver frightenly  fast and relevant information to people who are out there talking about services they like or need.

I’m just starting to get a handle on this.  Would love to know your take!

Could YOUR City Better Serve YOU with by Adopting Social Media?

Written by on November 14th, 2008

6 ways your city is missing the boat by not adopting comprehensive Internet strategies

Tip O’Neill has been quoted as saying “All politics is local.”  He said that to remind politicians to pay Pot holeattention to what is happening in their back yard if they want to stay in office.  Today government leaders are starting to pay attention to how they can use the Internet to improve services and better serve citizens.

Like most institutions their focus right now is how to use the Internet to give citizens access to information they normally have to stop in offices to get. Online registrations for dog tags, to accessing information about property is becoming the norm for many communities and counties.

But what about using social media and online community tools?

Government 2.0 recently published an article that looked at how local cities are using online community and social media to communicate and engage.  A variety of ideas are being explored by city government leaders but few are taking a comprehensive look at how they could use the Internet to increase:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Services

And reduce costs!

But let’s take a look at the early pioneers and what they are doing to put their toe in the water!   Denver’s CIO, Molly Rauzi created a YouTube channel and uploaded various commercials, public service announcements and other videos. (…More…)