Use the “Crowd sourcing” in 2010 to Run your Business & Life!

Written by on January 3rd, 2010

Twitter, Facebook and other social media will help you make decisions

Growing up in the 60’s was an incredible time and yet stressful time.  Everything was in flux.  The role of a father was changing from the master and ruler of his domain to one where he shared power with his wife, sex came out in the open, equality finally was put on the front burner and students learned how to collectively band together to change the world!

It was a decade that sought to give “Power to the People”.  A time in which people were actively exercising their right to be involved in decisions.

In the 40 some years since that movement started, I don’t think 16 year olds forgot about the values associated with power to the people.  As they grew up, they changed the world, made it more transparent, worked to provide equality in race, pay and ability, thought more about the environment rights and much more.

Now as we enter the next decade, technology is going to take “power to the people” to a whole NUTHER level.  Technology is giving individuals, corporations and non profits the ability to reach out and use the power of the people to accomplish things that would not have been achievable.  Today we call that “Crowd sourcing” 

In the past two years we’ve begun to see how people are using technology to collectively accomplish things they would never have been able to do:

  • A single person, Laura Fitton, armed with her Twitter account reaches out to her 12,500 connections and raises $25,000 in a couple of days. It didn’t require meetings, strategy sessions or a budget. Laura simply decided to do it and reached out to her “people”.
  • An group of people who were blogging, using Twitter and connecting online, that never met before decided to raise money at Christmas. Having never met, they used online tools to communicate and organize a fundraiser that ultimately sold 600 tickets in just 9 days, raised $25,000 and generated 1,000 pounds of food for the local food bank, The Daily Bread.
  • Just last month, DARPA, the organization that founded the Internet reached out to the Internet audience with a contest to determine how social networking and crowdsourcing could help accomplish a large scale, time critical task.  They released 10 balloons across the country and offered $50,000 in prize money to the organization that could report the location of all ten – first.  An MIT group pulled together a website, called it the MIT Red Balloon Challenge.  Their group of people pulled from social networks located all 10 balloons in just 9 hours.
  • The newspaper, The Guardian wanted to do a review of the countries MP’s as a way to bring accountability to excessive spending.   They launched a challenge on the web asking readers to go through the 457,153 pages and review their MP’s expenses and report on them.  Within 80 hours, 20,000 volunteers had reviewed 170,000 pages!

As we enter 2010, take time to think about Crowd sourcing.  Think about how you can reach out to others to get their input and ideas. We are entering a decade where nearly every decision our companies, organizations or even us – individually will be vetted online either through our social networks or via social distribution networks.

Crowd sourcing will help you plow through problems, make decisions, evaluate opportunities and accomplish enormous tasks! By Crowd sourcing, no stone will be left unturned and you and your company will accomplish more and make smarter, more vetted decisions.

Best of luck Crowd sourcing in 2010!

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